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I don’t agree that he acts the same in many dramas. I think people just lack ability to see details in his acting and differences in each character’s personalities. And many people clearly are confused between roles and acting.


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This is the first time I’m acting with Kimura-san. He thinks about even the finest of details, and his approach to acting is different from mine, so it was a learning experience for me. He is really good in acting with realism. That is to say, even in his daily life, he often observes different people, and that is reflected in his acting.

Natsuki Mari on Kimura Takuya in answer to the question, ‘What is your impression of your co-stars?’ (“PRICELESS”, 2012)


"It says here you have experience leading a… Is this a joke? You led a fighter squadron?"

"I’m re-enlisting. Oh and you can hang on to that. I’m kinda partial to my old one. Ah, a cat."


a dean winchester s9 appreciation

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