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Free! boys + Animal Representations

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summer with takuya

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HERO2, 01 (140714)

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Miyazaki Shuuto works masterpost (by request)

If a translation is incorrect or there was something missing, let me know (Consider this is only for Butai/Musical. No TV shows or CM’s included).

In January 2015 I’ll make an updated version.

Also, If there’s another actor you have interest on having his works all listed (just for reference ^^), send me an Ask. 

Oh, and for those interested, I’ll be opening an ‘Ask Shuuto’ blog, so, if you want to send any questions or have any weird Shuuto clothing request, leave them on my Ask, until I create the new blog. It takes a little to do on Illustrator (since I’m just a begginer), but it’ll be fun!

(Shuuto is not my bias, I just have fun with his mere existence, he really is AWESOME! Please give him some love and visit his blog [le awesome link], in case you haven’t —- if you have already… you already know the wackiness in there.)

This place is gorgeous, Howl! Like a dream!

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▒░ Hakuouki 

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